How to Lock Media Files on Android?

“How many of you have handed somebody your Android phone to see a vacation photo or video and fear them and accidentally pressing a button or swiping over to an item they are not supposed to see? You all use your phones in different ways, and it’s not unusual to have private media on your phones. Do you want to know how to lock media files on Android phone?”

Remo MORE Software is the best tool that provides you a privacy solution to lock media files Android

Android is an Operating System based on the Linux Kernel, and designed primarily for touch screen mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tablet Computers. With the wide release of Android phones in the market, all mobile users are opting to switch from their old mobile phones to Android devices. Android Phones are usually employed by the users to record media files such as, audio, and videos of all their memorable moments and save them for lifetime. Capturing media files and preserving them for later use is the most effective way of collecting all past golden memories and refreshing them whenever you want. Android Tablets or Smartphones comes with some amount of internal storage memory, but one can extend its storage capacity by using external storage device i.e. memory card. All the media files on Android phone will get stored either into your phone memory or the memory card. Nobody likes that their personal media files such as photos, audio and videos etc. must get viewed by third person who might be their close one or some unauthorized person in case the mobile phone is lost or stolen.

Well, whatever may be the reason for not allowing your media files to get accessed by an unauthorized person, you must stop thinking and better to take care about the privacy of your important media files. You can lock media files Android by making use of password so that an unauthorized user cannot gain access to your media files and try to misuse it. In the event you are extremely tensed about privacy of your personal or official media files and thinking about how to lock media files Android Smartphones? Then take it easy as, you can do so within minutes using the services of Remo MORE Software.

Remo MORE is the wonderful application which perfectly knows how to password protect media files Android. This software can encrypt media files on Android device by allowing you to set password of your choice. You can make use of this software to password protect your media files in Android driven Smartphones and Tablets of various brands for example HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola, Micromax and many more. It will make all your crucial media files password protected and ensures complete data protection from spying eyes and data thieves. Once, the files are locked using this software no one except you can open, read / write, delete copy or see your personal photos, audio and video files. It proves to be the trustworthy software as it works in read-only mode, which ensures that other data dwelling on your Android phone is not harmed during the encrypting process. This software comes absolutely free of cost i.e. you need not have to pay even a single rupee to get your media files locked. Hence, it is built with simple, easy to use interface i.e. even a novice user can password protect media files android easily without any professional help.

Steps to Lock Media files Android using Remo MORE Software:

Step 1: Download and Install the demo version of the software on your Android phone. Run the software and then hit on “Manage” option from main screen and click on “Locker” option to password protect media files android.

How to Lock Media files on Android? - Welcome Window

Step 2: You will be asked to set the master password. Enter the password of your choice to safeguard media files on Android.

How to Lock Media files on Android? - Lock Mode

Step 3: Once, the password is set, click on any of the option among audio, video and image based on your requirement.

How to Lock Media files on Android?

Step 4: Choose the files that you want to lock and click on “lock” button.

How to Lock Media files on Android?

Step 5: As soon as the process gets completed your files are locked, you will be able to see the locked file locations.

How to Lock Media files on Android?