How to Extend HP Laptop Battery Life?


HP is one of the best laptop brands in the market. Like any other laptops these might also give you problems like short battery life. It is very irritating to charge the battery frequently. You need to carry your charger with laptop anywhere you go. What are the causes for short lifespan of your battery? Is it possible to improve battery life of your HP laptop? These are the questions that arise on your mind now. Yes you can improve HP laptop battery life by making changes in settings of laptop. Firstly you should know about the factors that affect your HP laptop battery life. The factors like product model, operating system used on it, its configuration, software type, power management settings and so on.

If you know about exact reasons for battery drain then you can solve this problem to improve HP laptop battery life easily. Some are as given below:

  • Usage of software for HD video and graphics processing decreases the battery capacity gradually
  • The Li-Ion battery energy decreases when battery is not removed from unpowered laptop computer
  • If you leave battery in depleted condition for longer period then there are possibilities of the battery going into low voltage condition
  • The battery charge may decrease below preferred low-voltage level when it is not used for longer time
  • If you are using Li-Ion battery then the battery cells lose its capacity of charge storage with each discharge-charge cycle. Aging of the battery occurs soon
  • How to conserve battery power?

  • Turn off Wireless button when not in use. When you turn it off, the light turns off
  • Do remove the peripherals like external hard drives, Zip drives, PC cards, CD-ROMs and so on after usage
  • Set the brightness of screen to minimum readable level
  • Change power option settings to either HP recommended or turn on power saver to conserver battery power
  • The power consumption is directly proportional to speed of the processor. Hence keep processor speed not so high
  • Reduce number of open applications on the laptop as each open application consumes power and uses some memory space. Keep the applications open which are necessary and save battery
  • It is really an irksome and confusing task to manage power conservation on your laptop by yourself. This work is made easy for you by Remo MORE software with few simple clicks.

    Remo MORE to improve HP laptop battery life:

    Remo MORE has the capacity to manage battery life of your HP laptop. This utility provides you the best solution for customizing your power settings and creating your power plan. You can run power plan on daily, weekly or run once by scheduling. This application can even manage power plan or you can schedule power plan on your PCs. You can even manage other factors on your computer affecting performance of your system as the tool provides you the option for defragmenting drive, wiping data, managing files and so on. This app can even optimize data, recover data and enhance performance of computers. Try it now for free and make the most out of it.

    Procedure to improve HP laptop battery life:

    Step 1: Download and install Remo MORE software on HP laptop. Run the software and click on “Manage” option to get the main screen as shown in Fig A. Then select “Power Manager” option from the screen.

    Improve HP Laptop battery Life - Main Screen

    Fig A: Main Screen

    Step 2: Then select “Create Power Plan” option from next screen as shown in Fig B.

    Improve HP Laptop battery Life - Power Manager Main Screen

    Fig B: Power Manager Main Screen

    Step 3: Then in the next screen, you can customize the settings as shown in Fig C. Then click on “Create and Schedule”

    Improve HP Laptop battery Life - Customize Power Plan Settings

    Fig C: Customize Power Plan Settings

    Step 4: You can customize the settings on the basis of time as shown in Fig D. Select the frequency of schedule, enter time and date fields and click on “Schedule”

    Improve HP Laptop battery Life - Schedule Power Plan

    Fig D: Schedule Power Plan

    Step 5: The Power Plan is now scheduled and the details will be displayed as shown in Fig E.

    Improve HP Laptop battery Life - Scheduled Power Plan

    Fig E: Scheduled Power Plan